Mirror™ for Twitter

Mirror™ for Twitter uses your webcam to support mindfulness when composing tweets and replying. According to urban legend, the reason bars have mirrors is to discourage intoxicated, aggressive behavior. Is it true? Could a similar effect be achieved in online environments?

A brief literature review suggests that self-awareness can reduce self-injurious and aggressive behavior. Two types of self-awareness are relevant:

  1. Private, self-focused attention encourages reflection on one's own attitudes, standards, and emotional states. In some studies, mirrors or live video feeds can induce private self-awareness.
  2. Public self-awareness is concerned with accountability and extrinsic social standards. The presence of observers or of cameras has been shown to induce public self-awareness.

Omayeli Arenyeka writes that the browser extension is a way to create alternative digital realities. We want to create a reality in which people are more aware of the affective implications of their words. To aid your awareness, Mirror™ for Twitter activates your webcam and shows you your face when you tweet.

    Mirror™ for Twitter
    Made by @simpolism and @tobyshorin
Keep others
in mind when you tweet.
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